Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues


There are some known issues with the screener not displaying properly in Internet Explorer (versions 6, 7, and 8). They are fairly minor - the close button may not be aligned properly or the text size could be too large. In all our tests ethnio screeners work great with IE9+. The first thing you can do to make sure your screeners display properly is to make sure you are using the "default" theme under screeners >> design, which uses the most traditional code structure.


Please do email us a screenshot of any IE screener display issues you run into and we'll work to fix them. Also note that logging into ethnio as a researcher, you do have to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari - we don't support IE on the app side, although of course we want our screeners to display perfectly for as many people as possible. Thanks for your understanding - we're committed to working through the trickery that is IE.

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    Schoolnet UX

    can you put that in plain english for me?

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    FYI, I am seeing inconsistent results with IE 9 and IE 10 (the screener sometimes doesn't appear).  And as an edge case, it always fails if IE10 is put into IE9 compatibility mode.  Have you had any other reports of IE9/10 issues?


    p.s. - regardless of how snarky customers are, they're customers, and IMHO returning sarcasm in kind is always a poor choice.

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    michelle zassenhaus

    Is it possible to turn ethnio off for these browsers, so our customers aren't exposed to a broken experience?

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    Ethnio Help

    Hi Michelle - we're working on targeting but in the mean time if you use the "default" theme it shouldn't have any display problems whatsoever. Updated the article with that info as well.

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