Incentive Payments Overview


Ethnio can pay and manage your incentives automatically through Amazon, Pre-paid Visa cards, and many other methods. Simply mark responses as 'Completed' on the Responses page to have people show up to be paid, or go to Incentives >> Pay People >> Add Payees. You can also bulk add emails manually. That's it- we take care of all the rest. We charge a processing fee, which mostly covers our costs managing payments, as well as the convenience of having all your incentives taken care of in one place. 


Your participants will get an email like the one below and your credit card on file with ethnio will be charged for the total.  We charge a small percentage the total incentives but it's nothing crazy. If you'd like to use a different incentive payment, you may of course do so, but you're responsible for fulfilling the incentives. The next step is to go to Incentives and check the boxes for all the completed participants you'd like to pay:

 The very last step is to customize the email your participants will receive (see below) and confirm the order. That's it.



  • Your account will be billed separately for incentives paid through ethnio
  • Check Incentives >> Activity in your ethnio account to see recent charges for your account
  • Reminder: Monthly statements are sent to you once a month (day of the month you created your account)





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