Response Filters and Screener Views


Under "Responses," you may have filters that prevent you from seeing all responses. This is a common issue and easy to fix. Look for any green buttons on the dark grey bar with all your response filters - see how Status is a green button in the screenshot below?



Click Status and you'll see that you'll need to "Select All" to view all status types:



Now you can see all the responses.




The other information in the top left filter area is exactly how many people have viewed your screener, and what the conversion rate is. That's just the number of screener views and responses



  • You can add filters via the Responses page.  If you only want to see responses that respond with certain answers (e.g. Under 18, 3-5 years experience, etc.), unselect all responses that you don't want to see.  If an answer has a green background, that means it will be seen on the responses page.

  • Example: Choose to filter for responses in which a person is available to chat immediately and is using a computer in an English speaking country.  If you have a question like "Are you able to participate in a 30 minute phone interview right now?" in which you can respond "yes" or "no," you can filter out all "no" responses. Ethnio can also identify each respondent's country of origin (through geoIP), allowing you to filter for participants from specific countries. 
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