Advanced Tracking & Invoice Management for Incentives


There are detailed options for pre-funded incentive accounts inside your Ethnio account. You can allocate invoices to different team members, set limits, track spending, issue automatic email reports, and lots more. 


Track Activity, Reports, and Balance

You can view spending by team member, type, date range, and setup automatic reports and export all data to Excel. You can always view your balance and request to pre-fund via invoice automatically as well. 


Multiple Report Types

There is also a line-item spending table under billing that you can filter by team member and date range, in addition to the reporting above.



Set Permissions Per Pre-Funded Invoice

Choose which team members can spend money on a given invoice:


Set Limits

You can set limits for your team members who pay incentives using the same invoice, if you've pre-paid incentives via invoice. You can't set limits for team members if they are sharing your credit card. This is found under account >> billing, but only for the main account admin. Team accounts don't have access to this.

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