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With the constant goal of simple and efficient screener management, we have updated the screener overview interface. Here's a quick tour of how everything works. The first question you might have is "What happened to the team toggle and active screeners folder?" The answer to that is we've moved those into a vastly improved sort & filter bar:



Lets walk through the new sort and filter bar to see the relocated features as well as some new fun toys to play with! To turn on and off this bar, click the blue Sort & Filter button just to the left of Add Screener.


Filter by Status

First up, lets look at the Filter by Status option. This filter replaces the Active Screeners folder. In addition, we've added the ability to filter by Live Javascript. See that 'F' to the left of the filter? We also built in keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly navigate around the new filter bar. The number results returned by your filters is located in the top left of the filter bar.



Watch out! If you have filters active, then you might not see all of your screeners! Make sure to check that you haven't hidden any screeners by clicking on the Sort & Filter button to see your current status.


Team Filter

Next up: the Team Filter. We have improved on the technologies of the past! Now we allow you to sort by each member of your team. Use the keyboard shortcut 'A' to access this dropdown.



Out with the old and in with the new! What is gone? You can no longer drag and drop screeners to sort. But rejoice! Now you can sort your filters easily in all kinds of new ways. The keyboard shortcut to access your sorts is 'B'. 

Remove Filters

If you want to remove the filters you have applied, you can either use the 'R' key as a shortcut or click the Remove Filters button in the top right.



Search hasn't moved, and sticking with the theme of efficient screener management, we integrated a keyboard shortcut 'S' to quickly start a search. NOTE: This will override the current filters.


Once you are done with your search, the 'C' key quickly clears it. 


Best of luck with the new system, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!

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