Twitter Search (DEPRECATED)

Update 2014 - Twitter changed their API and introduced advertising, so we now recommend you purchase a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn ad that targets whatever audience you're interested in, and then simply put a responsive ethnio direct link into the ad.



This was a cool way that ethnio can help you find people for research by having words in their profile that match what you're looking for, or by discussing terms that relate to your research in their tweets. You specify the words and which people you want to contact, and then Ethnio automatically sends out individual @replies to these people form your twitter account.

You do have to configure your twitter account with Ethnio, which we think builds the most confidence in people you contact showing them you're a real organization or individual and not a spammer. You can search for terms in profiles or live conversations, and then intercept people live who are target users or talking about your research topics right in the moment. Time-aware research!

The cool part is we can send five tweets at a time, and the responses appear live. Only a small percentage of people need to answer. Check out an example tweet to get an idea. 

You can always create a specific twitter account for the research you're doing (for example, "@Adobe_Research") to give people more confidence you’re not a spam bot. Or are you? 


Common Questions//Twitter Search Feature: 

  • Can I switch or use different Twitter accounts on the same ethnio account?
-Yep! Just click, "remove the token for this account" 
  • What's 'add to queu' mean? I clicked it, what happens now? 
-Well, Twitter has a limit on how many tweets are sent out at once, so you can choose as many @replies or people you want to tweet at, and when you click add to the queu, those tweets are sent  but just will show up with a tiny lag time. 


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